Into week 2 of the ginkgo regimen. Four weeks is awfully gradual... how will I know if this crap is really doing anything for me, without a rush, a spike? I realize the big rainbow bruise on my inner forearm comes from how I carry two full laundry baskets under one arm. (Note to self: stop doing that.) Laundromat: bedding and whites. Bradlees: 2 casual shirts. Groceries: broccoli & peppers to stir-fry for dinner. Liquor store: a six of Bodean's Twisted Tea malt beverage. It's weird, not bad, like a very dilute, slightly sparkly whiskey. I learn that my flatmate's parakeet's vomiting behavior is related to mating: momma birds regurgitate predigested food for their young, and apparently the male will do the same for his mate. Get a room, I don't need to see this; and NO, you can't perch on my shoulder after you get predigested food all over your head!
Evening: watch Evil Dead.