After a sub sandwich for dinner ~10 last night, I wake a couple of times in the night. That is tremendously rare for me. No indigestion, just light sleep. I wake for good at ~5:30. Work: accounting gets a smack for overlooking my rate increase. My 4-port Belkin KVM switch and an Ethernet patch cable arrive. I should have held off on the overpriced patch cable, because I need cabling for the switchbox anyway, and I won't commission an additional machine until I can control them all from one console.
Micro Computer Cable Co. claims they "don't really sell to end users"... just like my last order, 4-5 years ago, that disclaimer is the extent of their resistance, and I order 3 computers' worth of KVM cabling. MCCC is super-cheap, and I feel good about supporting small business.
Dad stops in to quiz me about how the Internet works, is it worth trying to capitalize a search engine start-up? I explain Open Directory, mindshare, and offer my opinions on the changes down the pike for intellectual property and development vs. licensing fee models as public-license code evolves.
Bradlees supplies me with a comfy woven cotton blanket. Flatmate brews coffee with cinnamon, mmm!