Today: Breakfast: apple-cinnamon Power Bar and coffee. I take my assistant to lunch (in gratitude for the kudos I have received for her work). The ladies of the lab regale (and by "regale", I mean "torture") the gentlemen of the lab with tales of their pregnancies and deliveries. By the time my assistant is done with her C-section story, I'm feeling a little dizzy. I receive a box of business cards.
Evening: sub sandwich, order Dad a decent modem (replacing the 14.4Kbaud doorstop I made him discard), watch The Blob, journal.

Yesterday (WED): The fairy of sweet dreams sees fit to visit me in the wee hours (maybe 1AM), echoing the luscious scenery and sexual tension in Meet Joe Black. I'm tempted to jot down what I can... but no, I have to wake in 4 hours, so I go back to sleep. Maybe it's enough to remember simply that it was erotic. At 5:15AM I enjoy a delicious peanut butter flavored Power Bar.
Work: One customer's quality people are visiting to discuss some quality issues and audit our quality system. I get to tag along, since the quality audit dog-and-pony show properly belongs to my position. Someday, son, all this will be yours. I like to watch my other-company cognates during these visits; like me, they usually keep to the background.
Dinner: Nothing. I don't feel like eating; I feel a little empty, but nothing appeals. Part 2 of Meet Joe Black. In order to mow the lawn, I am forced to engineer a duct tape solution for keeping the loose old extension cable from falling off the mower electrical plug. Sweaty lawn work, at dusk, in NJ, naturally results in mosquito bites. (Well, one bite.) A quick shower and change into clean dry clothes, and I return the rented video.