On January 30, 2004, McDonald's announced that it was going to give the Go Active! Happy Meal a nation-wide run after testing it in 150 stores in Indiana.

The new meal, geared towards fitness-conscious adults, features an entree-sized salad, a bottle of water or a medium fountain drink, a fitness guide from celebrity trainer Bob Greene and a pedometer, included to encourage walking for physical fitness. All of these items are crammed into a box similar in shape and construction to a Happy Meal.

The new meal will be available in all 13,600 McDonald's restaurants on May 6, 2004.

This meal is part of a broader plan by McDonald's, who has been the target of multiple obesity lawsuits and a target for people who claim that fast food is bad for you, McDonald's is trying to meet health-related issues head on and show that it, like its consumers, has become more diet-conscious.

Don't worry if you're still hankering for a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese... McDonald's is not planning on changing the recipe for any of its regular food any time soon.