Lean against the back of the chair and stretch,
My head will fall back.
Strange place, he whispered, and I nodded.

What are you doing back here? I said, and lowered my arms,
Trying to bend over backwards enough to see him upside down,
Make sure he's really here.

I came to sing to you. You seem upset.
I did an upside-down nod, and sat straight again,
Good posture for once in my life.

I am.

Why are you upset? Is it this place? If it is, I can take you out of here...
No...not here. Not a room. If it is a room, it's inside me.
I thought you were happy, bride-of-roses.
Yeah, I thought I was, too. I think I still am.

Mmm, he said, and sat on the back of my chair.


He stroked my hair. Air trembled. Dimension flickered. Two places, one me.
What is this feeling, I asked, and I felt his presence smile.
This is how God feels.
I didn't think I understood and so said nothing, and he said nothing.

She is your One, he said finally, and I felt him pulling away.
I felt the cold of being alone in a house of strange smells and energies,
And he smiled again, as best as he could, as the air and dimension settled down...

You have evolved, I heard him think.
Should be...was...just words.
Just the simplistic being I am and the knowledge of better things...
I do not need my past anymore, nor my body, I said into an empty room...
And somewhere, the old bride dies.