Return to Raspberry Lemonade (idea)

I think the water is bleeding
Swirls of raspberry lemonade dance under the glassy sheen of the brook
Like you and me and plastic watermelon cups
Boxes of caramels and crinkly wrappers and bleeding oceans
Let them bleed, infection is too easy to come by.

Techno heart beats and alter dreams...take me into your crimson submission
And make me stay a while...feed me on silken ashes and candy-coated clouds
And razor blades with raspberry cream on the edges...

Castle on a cloud...ginger snaps and silverado...take me back to virgin here-after...
The wind and the sun make a ballet of my hair and the watermelon cups are perfect for Summer.
Perfect for the plastic rays of sunshine and the wired way of life...

And the water still bleeds.
Sharp rocks and bodice knives...some mix us into single. Mox ruby...almost like the
Color of raspberries...
Techno, watermelon, raspberry lemonade.