Return to Raspberry Lemonade (idea)

I think the water is [bleeding]
Swirls of [raspberry] [lemonade] dance under the [glass]y sheen of the [brook]
Like you and me and [plastic] [watermelon] cups
Boxes of [caramel]s and [crinkly] [wrapper]s and [bleeding] [ocean]s
Let them bleed, [infection] is too easy to come by.

[Techno] [heart] beats and [alter] [dream]s...take me into your [crimson] [submission]
And make me stay a while...feed me on [silk]en [ashes] and [candy]-coated [cloud]s
And [razor blades] with [raspberry] [cream] on the [edge]s...

[Castle] on a [cloud]...[ginger snaps] and [silverado]...take me back to [virgin] here-after...
The [wind] and the [sun] make a [ballet] of my hair and the [watermelon] cups are perfect for [Summer].
Perfect for the [plastic] [rays] of [sunshine] and the wired way of life...

And the water still bleeds.
[Sharp] rocks and [bodice] knives...some mix us into single. [Mox ruby]...almost like the
Color of raspberries...
[Techno], [watermelon], [raspberry] [lemonade].