Never before in my life has a friday the 13th been unlucky. Today, been and promises to be...hell.

I woke up this morning next to masukomi without realizing what today was just a normal day like always. It was just a friday, therfore it should be a good day. After all, tomorrow is saturday and sleeping in becomes an option on saturdays.

Everything seemed normal...that is, until I went to walk into the kitchen...and saw how our dog, Hama, had graciously decided that the garbage had no right to be in the garbage bag and that it looked much better all over the floor. Masu and I cleaned it up...rebagging it for the third time this week, morons that we are, and went about getting ready to walk the dogs.

Before walking the dogs, however, we discussed the missing keys, the lost bank card, and how there were no more checks in the box when we needed checks badly.

Walking the dogs, Hama, the garbage lover dog, decides that she doesn't feel like waiting to shit until we get to the park and deficates on the sidewalk. Not too much of a big deal; she's done this before...just gross. Walking...walking...lalala...get to the park and things go normally...Masu lends a friend a bag for her doggie poo since she forgot one...and we head home. On the way home, Ebony, the once angelic-never-do-anything-wrong dog, decides to take a second the middle of the road...and us without another bag. So home we go, Masu saying that she'll grab her scooter and clean it up on the way to work. We get home and she leaves for work with a baggie.

About 20 minutes later she comes online...and says that she got a flat tire on the way to work and had to push her heavy metal scooter over four blocks to work.

After awhile, I look down at Hama who is between my feet, and she's twitching oddly. I watch her a little more, trying to figure out what's wrong, and she stands, shakes and walks off. Blinking, I watch after her, thinking she's ok...and then I hear the most disgusting sounds coming from our bedroom...and run off to check it out.

Hama had thrown up garbage all over our bed.

I cleaned it up and went to check E2...and saw that today is Friday the 13th.

Oh, yes, Virginia...there is a god. And when I find out what his mailing address is, he's going to get a nice snail mail bomb with his name all over it.

Oh, and, did get worse...Masukomi got home and we had to take the garbage eating dog, Hama, to the vet for chocolate poisoning, where we stayed for four hours, because a hamster with a broken leg took precidence over a poisoned dog.

You know what? Fuck you, world.