Devil Duckie is a parody of the famous Rubber Duckie. Devil Duckies are rubber duckies with red bodies, black tails, black horns, and evil eyes. Devil Duckies are distributed by Accoutrements for Evil, who also makes Nunzilla, The Martian Popping Thing, Jesus Action Figure, and My Pretty Nose Hair.

They come in yellow mesh with a red and black cardboard label with a flaming tub on it, sporting the words. "It's time for a REALLY hot bath!" on the white tub. You can also get white Devil Duckies.

The Devil Duckies even come with their own theme song, which is a parody of the Rubber Duckie song.

Devil Duckie

Devil Duckie, you're the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Devil Duckie, I'm awfully dirty today,
(Woh, woh bee day!)

Devil Duckie, when you float,
It's like I'm bathing in a flaming moat!
Devil Duckie, you're my very best friend, hooray!
(Doo, doo, doo, dee day!)

Every day when I
Make my way to get clean,
I find a fella who's
Red and yellow and mean,

Devil Duckie, you're so swell,
You guide me on the path to hell,
Devil Duckie, I'm awfully dirty-
Devil Duckie, you're a naughty birdy,
Devil Duckie, I'm awfully dirty today!

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