The Devil Tree (also referred to as the Devil’s Tree) stands in Bernards Township, NJ, in a rather large, barren field. This tree is the only entity in the field that stands above the sea-foam green grasses, save for two smaller trees/shrubs next to its base, and it paints a striking pose against the skies behind it. The branches are longer on one side than on the other, and this is why the tree used to be used as a lynching tree, (according to local legend.) The trunk very gnarled, the bark extremely rough, and there are numerous axe marks in the tree where random individuals tried cutting it down.

Picture of the Devil Tree:

I went to visit the Devil Tree last Christmas Eve. I remember that it was snowing and as my friend and I approached the tree, we noticed how the snow didn’t seem to be coating the branches or the ground around the tree at all. I touched the axe marks and wondered why the tree had never been successfully cut down. Upon research, I found only this little bit of information:

Now, whether you believe in such phenomenon or choose to discard it, I do ask you not to dismiss every odd occurrence as chance or coincidence, because “there are more things in heaven and on earth…”