My goodness, when it rains, it was one of the most interestingly bad days I've ever had. I think the universe punished Masukomi and I for a small argument we had bu making the rest of the would go totally and unconditionally psycho.

I have a client named Judith whom I do site maintenance for. She's a really nice person and really wonderful to talk of my all time favorite clients. She does Feng Shui and is an affiliate at which is basically a feng shui warehouse online where you can purchase feng shui products. By being an affiliate, she gets to link to a referrer engine and whenever someone who has found the warehouse via her site and actually buys something, she makes a lousy 8% commission.

Judith had given her old webmaster the link to the shopping cart and the dork botched it....months of commissions wasted because of a moron. So the webmaster for the warehouse e-mailed me the info and I fixed it. I let him know that I'm the new webmaster and any functionality issues should be directed to me. There was a short e-mail conversation...I've posted it on a web page for easy viewing.

Basically, he had asked me to put a banner link to the shopping cart on every webpage of Judith's site AND add a link to the navigation bar. Judith and I feel that her site is to promote HER, not the warehouse, so we said no. He eventually called me at exactly 8:01 PM EST and the call lasted until 8:34 PM EST. During those 33 minutes, he went from "I am better than you, so do my bidding" to "How dare you defy me?" to "I will fly over there and take care of you!" to "I will have one of my men fly over there and take care of you!"

Recap: He was threatening to physically harm me because I refused to link to his website more than we already had.

Eventually, he got VERY violent and I hung up on him, and immediately called the police about it. He had gotten so violent at me towards the end for not taking his crap, I feared he might just do something.

My mind is still having trouble grasping why he threatened my life...are links really that imporant?