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Corporate Communications, Advertising, Branding, Events and Promotions Management, Public Relations, Media Relations, Customer Relations, Online Mail & Web Solutions, Online Social Networking, Mentoring and Training, Systems and Processes Development and Implementation, Staff Training and Development, Courses and Curriculum Development, Academic Policies Development and Implementation, Management and Administration at Superior Level, Chain or Branch Management
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I love marketing and communications:
- Online and Offline
- Electronic, Print and Grass-root
- Internal and External

I have been understanding, experimenting and using various principles and techniques of branding, advertising, marketing, communications etc since 1995.

I have also been an edupreneur (teaching computers & internet), trainer (training the trainers, designing courses, curriculum, systems and process) and an administrator (managing sales and marketing, corporate communications, customer relations and business development).

I'm a tech-savvy person and love to use various electronic gadgets viz. computers, mobiles etc in day-to-day sales and marketing, operations and logistics, data analysis and project management.

I'm @MiteshSanghvi on Twitter.