Much like dragoon's w/u, the ADA and dentists in general are quite conservative when it comes to newfangled liberal ideas such as oral piercings.

Lousy kissers can indeed make your tongue hurt. It's been roughly two months since the initial piercing, and one month since the repiercing (My tongue piercing was swallowed when one of the balls came dislodged and i was eating a carmel and the remaining ball and rod went down with the ship), and when pressure is applied to either side with significant force, it still smarts.

Some of the 'annoyances' not mentioned in the above w/u's are:

  • After the initital piercing, the resulting swelling makes the process of swallowing extrememly hard, and when attempts at eating solid food ensues, massive amounts of pain follow.
  • When the swelling begins, you tend to bite the edges of your tongue. That hurts more than the piercing process itself.
  • The top of the piercing tends to come unscrewed, and as a result, can get caught in passing food, and go down with the foodstuff. Hearing a clink in the toilet a few days later isn't comforting either.