A character in the Starcraft universe, member of the Terran race, and all around badass.

When playing the Terran scenario missions of the real-time strategy game Starcraft, you will undoubtable come across Gui Montag. Gui is a firebat who is of the hero class. Gui guides you along your way when you are ridding the map of all Zerg forces.

Gui makes his arguable most famous appearance in the custom map series Marine Madness. As one of the first heroes presented to you (when player achieves the point total of 5000), Gui is debatedly one of the most efficient killing machines and best clutch player in the game. Gui's firebat flame attack allows him to kill standard marines 5-8 at a time with one attack. Once Stim-Packed, Gui's destructive forces are multiplied tenfold. Gui's strengths in Marine Madness include: being non-mechanical, massive marine crowd control offense, stim-pack ability, and of course, the ability to be hid inside your bunker. Gui is best used as a last resort when a hostile player decides to attempt a takeover of your base with marine only.

Some of Gui's wisdom can be shared when he speaks. Classic Gui verbatim include: 'Fire it up' and 'Smokin'.