Talking, as one does, of superheroes
and then about ourselves
(which is always and soon what comes next
in almost every conversation)
we suggested the refined ability
to sense rhubarb.

My wife's hairdresser
(not on permanent staff)
says that my wife's hair
is her superpower
and while it is long in length
and dirty blonde in color
two valuable coins of female currency
at this point in western culture
I can't help but think that A)
this is somewhat self-serving
on the hairdresser's part
much like a plumber assuring you
there's a fortune in your pipes
and B) that the rhubarb thing
will work better for me personally.

A) my hair is thinning
which is good in the way
that it helps to keep me trim
fat and balding being two worthless coins of male currency
at this point in western culture
and B) I am fond of rhubarb
having memories of it as a child
being grown in my grandfather's post-war allotment
and served for dessert usually as a crumble
at a time when dessert was by no means a daily occurrence.

I also like the word rhubarbium
and it seems certain as a superhero
this would be included for good or ill
in my initially frivolous
but cumulatively touching back-story.

Funny and then wistful works well with girls
irrespective of hair length.