At a light on Ben White
here in Austin, Texas
a man low down in a Mazda Miata
is combing his beard.

Unaware of being observed
he jabs at his face with a plastic brush.

While the light is still red
he looks in the mirror and is satisfied.
Sufficiently so it would seem
that he begins picking his nose.

The light changes and ablutions all done
he accelerates away
and it was only now I realize
his car is a Boxster
a different vehicle altogether
but one presumed by this observer
to be something far less expensive.

Never will I buy such a car
nor brush my beard
oblivious in public
such is the power of brand association.

Driving slowly home I can hear the Porsche dealers
cursing their sorry luck and those designers
rear echelon guys and German also
unknown and back at the home office.

I imagine them taking it upon themselves
to track this guy down
shouldn’t be so very hard
beating on him some and taking away his keys.

Leaving him on the side of the highway
with his plastic brush
and the smell of defeat
so strong in an empty nose.