Actual list of ingredients from a can of SPAM luncheon meat:

Pork with Ham
Sodium Nitrite

And that's it! It seems almost innocent. But I wonder what "Pork with Ham" means?!

A 2oz. serving of SPAM luncheon meat contains 170 calories, (140 of which are fat calories!) 16 grams of fat, 40mg of cholesterol, 750mg of sodium, and 7g of protien. It has no carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin A or Vitamin C, and no calcium.

A little SPAM luncheon meat recipe:

Slice SPAM Luncheon Meat into 4-6 square slices. Broil or heat in skillet. Scramble 4-6 eggs. Layer eggs, meat, and one slice American cheese between toasted English Muffin halves. Heat 10 seconds in microwave. Makes 4-6 SPAMBLED Egg muffins.

Mmmm-mmm good.

You can order SPAM luncheon meat "merchandise and apparel" if you call 1-800-686-SPAM. And really, how can you resist any of this?!