What ho, these disparaging remarks about Ramen?! Ramen is wonderful, if you doctor it up properly.

1) Add a package of ramen noodles (not the sauce!) to a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. It stretches the canned soup to three or four decent-sized servings, and the ramen soaks up the Campbell-y goodness quite nicely.

2) Add a raw egg to a pot of Ramen while it's "cooking". (Be quick though, as you've only got the three magical minutes.) The egg will cook and break apart, and in the end, you'll have a fairly reasonable facsimile of Egg Drop Soup.

3) Add some chopped green onions and some of those tasty Chun King crispy fried noodle things that come in a can to the top of a 12 cent bowl of ramen. Eat them with chopsticks. If you're on an all-nighter, you might even trick yourself into thinking you've got some mediocre Chinese takeout there. (well...ok. Extremely mediocre.)

I am no longer a starving college student, but I buy Ramen by the dozens because I really, really like it.