Remeber that flick The Horse Whisperer? It was based on the life story of a man named Monty Roberts, who spent his life developing humane training methods for horses.

A native Californian, Roberts worked as a rodeo and competition rider, and as a Hollywood stunt double. But even as a child, he sought a gentler way of handling horses, one that could be based on willing cooperation rather than fear and punishment.

While observing the behavior of wild horses, Roberts discovered that they used a non-verbal language to communicate with one another, and that Roberts himself could use that language to establish a bond with them. This knowledge eventually allowed him to realize his lifelong ambition, which was to tame a wild mustang entirely without force, only by "whispering" to its true nature.

Roberts has 40 foster children, and he works with a consulting firm that offers its services to big businesses, including Disney, Xerox, GM, and AT&T.