Essentially, by what is being said here, despite the 'extraterrestrial' connotations, almost everyone is benefitting from the creation of crop circles. Media gives attention, which benefits the farmer who cares for the land. The teams that are being paid for it get both money and another notch on their belts. Reporters covering it garner attention for themselves, especially in small towns.

So here's the real question... How are these teams bending the stalks in such a way that they don't break? Is it like working with reeds when weaving baskets? Do they wait until just after a nightly watering and then get busy? No one really knows and, in truth, there is only a select group that wants to.

A lot of people like the idea that there's something 'mysterious' out there, creating these things. They're curious enough without being too curious. They want to believe, but they refuse to go out and try to prove their beliefs to themselves. Or, they're just too lazy to go into the work that it would take to prove their own beliefs.

Some, like myself, believe that yes, there are other beings out there. However, I don't feel the need to try to prove this. It's a great big universe out there... who are we to say that we're the only ones in it?

Still, there are those who actively disbelieve such a thing. They're allowed since there's no die-hard evidence to prove it either way. The debate is just going to go back and forth in the meantime, with one group trying their hardest to discredit the other.

I'm sure the teams will continue on, like they have been, while the researchers will go on denying that the teams are doing things so well. It gives the farmers something to talk about and it gives the common man something to take his mind off his troubles.

Sounds good to me.