Scotland Yard is a board game created by Ravensburger Games of Germany in 1983. The objective of the game is for a team of detectives to track down and capture an elusive "Mr. X". The game is played on a large board of London with more than 200 points labeled on the board. Each point on the board is connected to other points by means of differet transportation lines, taxi, bus, and underground (subway).

The detectives and Mr. X move around London by using various tickets. The detectives have a limited supply of tickets to start the game. Mr. X receives the remainder of the tickets, as well as any tickets that are used by the detectives. Players use a ticket, then move their token according to the type of ticket they used and the route they selected. Mr. X., however, writes his move down on a special form and covers it up with a ticket that represents his move.

In addition to the standard tickets, Mr. X receives a very limited supply of black tickets, and double move tickets. The black tickets allow Mr. X to make a move without revealing his method of transportation, or allows him to take special boat trips along the Thames river.

At specified intervals during the game, Mr. X is forced to reveal his location by placing his token on the gameboard. This helps the detectives track down and find Mr. X.

The game is over if any detective moves into a point occupied by Mr. X, Mr. X becomes trapped between a group of detectives with nowhere to move, or if all the detectives are unable to move because they do not have any appropriate tickets.

The game was released in 1983 by Ravensburger Games, and distributed in the United States by Milton Bradley in 1985. It won numerous awards, including the Spiel Des Jahres, German Game Press "Game of the Year". The game was re-released with a new look but same gameplay in 1996 by Ravensburger Games. A 1999 sequel N.Y. Chase has similar gameplay but is set in New York City.