A cool music shop in Rochester, NY. The Record Archive was founded in 1975 in a flea market, and has since grown into two stores, one located at 1394 Mt. Hope Avenue, and a second location (which opened in 1994) at 1880 East Ave.

The store was founded by Dick Storms, who, bears a striking resemblance (well, headshot at least) to Benjamin Franklin.

In addition to the hits of the day, the Record Archive carries a wide variety of music, including a huge selection of vintage vinyl records. They also carry a large selection of vintage clothing and other goodies.

The East Ave location has played host to numerous in-store apperances and in-store concerts, featuring groups like Moby, 10,000 Maniacs, Moxy Früvous, and others.

The Record Archive is a member of the Coalition Of Independent Music Stores, a group of music stores that aren't patsies of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Web: www.recordarchive.com