A board game from Reveal Entertainment, Inc. Essentially a blatant rip-off of board game staple Monopoly. The difference is that Triopoly features three boards stacked concentrically (with each board getting smaller than the last, creating a tiny, 3 level ziggurat). The box says "The Three Dimensional Game of Buying and Buildng Cities", but it's not quite that pretty or amazing; just three boards on top of each other. It's no Star Trek 3d Chess.

If you thought Monopoly takes a long time, try this. One can avoid other levels of the board rather easily, and so having monopolies concentrated on one board isn't always the way to win. and the fact that there is roughly 3 times the real estate, the game most likely will take about 8 hours easy. Just try to get a group together to play this; especially those luke-warm to board games.