Well, I can't quite say that this is a dream, per se, but more of a nightmare-like experience that occured while I was in a dream-like state at 5 o'clock this morning. I had gone to bed just as the Midnight of the Soul began, and thus was out cold, in deep, uninterruptable sleep ... aaaaaah.

Then, all I can remember is suddenly being awake, with an incredibly painful feeling on the left calve of my leg. It was almost as if a small portion of my muscle, a little oddly shaped circle of it, let's say, was trying to break free from my leg. It felt as if that muscle had been embossed and was sticking out about an inch more than normal. I had no clue what was going on, and just sat there for a minute or more agonizing and trying to figure out what to do, all while not really being conscious. Eventually, I jumped up, noticed that the clock said "5:34" and remembered that this isn't what I was supposed to be doing.

It took me a while, but it occured to me that I should be sleeping, and so I laid down and relaxed, and the tightness in my leg went away. Bliss once more. Aaaah.

Upon waking, I found myself to suddenly have a limp, unable to walk on my left leg normally. I have no idea what caused this rude awakening. If any of you do, please /msg me.