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ponderer,a worrier? i guess.coward,mutable,random? of course to those who dont understand that i change emotion and urge to act n impulse and follow what whatever it is in my person tells is that thing for christ sakes anyway?its so,so,indescribabale ha! fuck it lets just throw it under that long list of things we throw under the term "act of nature" for the things whose being and power we just simply dont understand and go crazy jus trying to fathom reason and purpose because............ok im going off but yeah thats me(Whats aa Me...(who created words?). Im a being of something i dont understand. and apparently NO ONE duz yet if they have found out THE ANSWER,to life,feelings,natural selection,that thing called evolution nd all that incredible stuff they ve either died or are (gasp with sudden thought)in a mental institution.