There's another way to do this which is perhaps even more effective, though not always possible.

Simply put, find a police car which is travelling in your general direction, and follow it. DO NOT pass the police car under any circumstances. Police cars often speed anyway, though not as much as many other motorists. But you'll get there a little faster anyway.

This method works for the following reasons:

  • You are not going faster than the officer. If by some chance the officer does attempt to pull you over, you can simply state that you thought it was okay, since you weren't going any faster than he/she was. This is not generally effective in getting out of a ticket, but will at least put the officer off-guard.
  • The officer is in front of you. This makes it much harder to actually pull you over. If he turns his lights on, you can always say you assumed he was going for someone in front of him (which is nearly always true anyway). The officer can always shift lanes and drop in behind you, but few will take the trouble to do this.
  • If your paths diverge, you know the officer cannot be following you. The reason is obvious: you know which path he took, and it was not the same as yours.

Of course, the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is not to speed. The second is to be really, really lucky. But these aren't always possible, so we're left to these other methods.