Domo-kun is a piece of crap.

No, I mean literally. He's made of poo. Seeing the videos with this knowledge puts them into a whole new light.

What's not told in many places is that Domo-kun didn't just fall into Usajii's cave; he was born there. The egg fell in and then hatched. This makes Domo-kun a baby of sorts (the ultimate dirty diaper, perhaps? Although considering that he doesn't wear clothes anyway, I don't want to think about that any further). His exploits could perhaps be best described as Rugrats on some kind of horrific cocktail of crack, methamphetamine, and a dash of rancid shrooms.

It should also be noted that the meme illustrated in the above writeups has been reversed recently. A second picture is making the rounds, with the positions of Domo-kun and the kitten (now two kittens) reversed. The caption now reads "Every time you send that fucking picture, God kills a Domo-kun. Please, think of the Domo-kuns."