Considering all of the different kinds of gun control, this is not a very good question to ask.

Almost everyone favors some measure or another which could be construed as gun control. It's not just a matter of banning weapons of a given type. Trigger locks are often lumped into the "gun control" classification, and yet many more people would favor trigger locks than would favor banning, say, toys that happen to look like guns.

Along a similar vein, mandated gun safety classes could be considered a form of gun control, and even most of the staunchest NRA members would favor such a measure (many, in fact, openly advocate it).

And that's the problem with the question. It's such a broad definition that you'll get many people say they're in favor of it, without even being quite sure what you're really asking.

Political statisticians love this sort of thing, because it means they can twist the results around into almost anything they want to say.