The one and only time in my life when my father and I have talked about sex was just before I got married. He said,

For the first year of your marriage, put a quarter in a jar every time you have sex. Every time you have sex after your first anniversary, take out 1 quarter. I promise you that you will always have change for the vending machine.
Then he winked and gave me that another-sucker-joins-the-club laugh. As I suspected at the time, he wasn't off the mark. What's worse is the absurd overestimation we made in the size of the jar we'd need.

(Honey, I joke. I kid! It just makes the write-up funnier if I pretend our sex life is a bit quiet. Besides, all that living together in sin siphoned off our nest egg for deposits during our newlywed year. And while I often point out to my high school friends that our child is proof that I've had sex at least once (they still can't believe it), their rejoinder is that having a small child implies that we are not having sex now.)