Mary Elizabeth "Sissy" Spacek was born on 25 December 1949 in Quitman, Texas. She is famous for her role in Stephen King's thriller Carrie, for which she won an Oscar nomination. Ironically Spacek was the homecoming queen at her own prom, in stark contrast to her character, Carrie. Four years after that leading role, she won an Academy Award for her performance in Coal Miner's Daughter. She was nominated three more times for an Oscar for Missing, The River, and Crimes of the Heart.

Since 1974 she has been married to director Jack Fisk, who directed her in Raggedy Man. Actor Rip Torn is her cousin.

Spacek is a brilliant actor, and refreshingly, an actress who does not come from Hollywood's usual cookie-cutter mold for leading ladies, who often rely on a pretty face, an absurdly thin body, and a few swooning glances.