An upcoming (as of 7/26/2001) animated series on Cartoon Network, created by Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter's Laboratory. It continues the mix of traditional cartoon and anime styles for which its creator is known (who also worked on, but did not create, The Powerpuff Girls). Particularly notable about the art style is that many foreground shapes do not have the black outlines that almost all cartoons and anime tend to have. From what we know of its storyline at the moment, it seems to be rather plain and cliché, but Genndy’s other cartoons often purposely set up such expectations so they may be reversed to humorous or dramatic effect later.

Word is that Samurai Jack is not meant to be a humorous cartoon.


Well, Samurai Jack just premiered on Cartoon Network, and it seems to be very good. Very different from what one might expect from CN, but also more cartoony than most anime. Very obviously cartoonish talking dogs are everywhere in the pilot, some of which looking like they were taken straight out of the likes of Powerpuff Girls. (Indeed, Big Dog from Two Stupid Dogs and the weird six-legged insect/horse from Herculoids have cameos, and it is possible that the decaying city the dogs are excavating is the remains of The City of Townsville.) But the show seems to realize this about itself, and Jack has some nice moments reacting to the cartoonishness of much of his world. Jack himself, in some scenes, could be mistaken for Professor Utonium in a bathrobe with a sword.

But overall, the show seems to work, and with its own clever, action-filled style that takes equal measures from both anime and, of all things, Hanna-Barbera animation.