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I'm a musician from a little town south of Seattle we like to call Kent, WA. I'm attending Green River Community College (like you know what that is) and will be an on air radio personality this fall on KGRG.

Physical Description : Male, 18, Very tall, heavy, hazel eyes, spiked redish brown hair (dyed), I don't tend to wear name brand stuff( i.e. A&F, etc.) I think it's kinda stupid. I'm not a rocker/skater/punk anything, but I do like a lot of punk and rock music. I don't consider myself in any stereotype.

I play Guitar in the band Fury-Us George.
Check us out at

Favorite Bands : Blink 182, Audio Adrenaline, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Zebrahead, Less than Jake, Good Charlotte, MxPx, Midtown, New Found Glory, Lit, Sublime, Bad Religion, and those charming Punk Rock samplers!