This can be done quite literally when playing sol.exe, the Solitaire game bundled with Windows.

First method:
This cheating method has been around since at least Windows 95, and is still present as of Windows XP.

  1. Open up solitaire, and set your options to Deal Three cards.
  2. When clicking on the stack to deal, hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift. You will be dealt one card instead of three, while still accruing the points destined for a Deal Three game. Also, if you're playing with Vegas scoring, the three-cycle limit is less imposing, while if you're playing with Standard scoring, you won't have to worry about the 20 point penalty for cycling through the cards after the third time.

Other than a mildly amusing Easter Egg, there isn't much more to this technique. You're only fooling yourself, after all.

Second method:
This only works on Windows 98 and earlier:

  1. Start a new game
  2. Hold down Alt-G-D
  3. Watch as your score reaches -$32,724
  4. When your score changes to $32,724 (positive), let go.

Third Method:
I've never tried this out, since I don't have a Windows CE machine, but:

  1. Open up solitaire
  2. Hold down Ctrl-Shift
  3. Start a new game

This should result in a perfect hand and a very easy to beat game.
All fine strategies to ensure victory against . . well, yourself.