"Go Dawgs!" is a phrase that one may encounter during numerous interactions with Southern Culture. Predominately used on a game day of the UGA Bulldogs. Please note that this phrase is always expressed as an exclamation. This may be confusing to the lay person, but shucks, that's why we have e2.

What does it mean?

"Go Dawgs!" has many explicit functions, such as:

  1. A form of encouragement, endearment or congratulations for any or all University of Georgia Bulldogs on the field and/or sidelines before, during or after a football game. Without question this is the primary function of the term.
  2. A means to fire up any spectators within earshot. This applies to to any of your closest 92,745 friends sitting in attendance with you at Sanford Stadium or anyone watching the televised game with you. Warning: be prepared for a 110 decibel response or a riot, depending on the game's status.
  3. A way to make new friends during the many hours of tailgating. It's a simple procedure to walk anywhere on campus during game day and yell "Go Dawgs!" resulting in large groups of people turning, beer in hand, to echo your words. Approach any of these people and engage them in Bulldog related discourse.
  4. Cordial, non game day greetings, especially the case when meeting someone for the time. During your friendly banter, should it be revealed that you are both either current students or alumni a simple "Go Dawgs!" immediately solidifies your camaraderie. Even if one party is not a Bulldog, he may offer a "Go Dawgs!" as an acknowledgment to the other's being one of Georgia's finest.

When should this be used?

Now that we've covered the main definitions, let's address appropriate usage. I cannot personally think of any situation where one should not utter "Go Dawgs!" but I understand that in some situations, not all witnesses appreciate the delicate message you are trying to convey. Here are the surefire accepted social situations:

  1. Standing anywhere in or around Sanford Stadium on a game day.
    Usage: "GO DAWGS!"
  2. Standing anywhere in or around a location where tailgating is taking place. You get double points for yelling it near UGA tailgaters and triple points for yelling it at any of our rivals (see Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, or Vanderbilt in that order). Actually, make it quadruple points for Florida. Multiply that by two if you start a street fight.
    Usage: "GO DAWGS!"
    You may elect to run at this point, if there are 5 or more opposing fans approaching you.
  3. Encountering a fellow Bulldog with a case of bottle fatigue on game day. You may find them standing or laying in a bathroom, Port-O-Potty, bed of a truck or row of bushes. Right them and using two simple words, remind that they are obligated to be the best fan they can be so improvise, adapt and overcome.
    Usage: "GO DAWGS!"
  4. Affirmation of fact.
       Bulldog1: "Those Gators are retards."
       Bulldog2: "GO DAWGS!"
  5. Admission of cognitive dissonance.
       Announcer: "Dawgs on their own 42, in the shotgun. There's the snap and... FUMBLE! It's loose and the Volunteers recover it!"
       Bulldog1: "GO DAWGS!"

There is a special case which has not been covered and I would be remiss in my noding to not relay this vital tidbit. Every time either of the teams kick off, Bulldogs have a special cheer. If you have ever watched a televised game, you have heard it. As opposed to a simple "Go Dawgs!", fans expand the concept to "Go Dawgs, sic 'em, woof woof woof!" which indicates to all the world that our beloved Dawgs are entering Attack Mode. It sounds simple but the calling is done in stages. As the special teams take the field, Bulldogs everywhere begin to cheer "Go" and hold the low O sound until the football is actually kicked. As the kicker connects with the ball, Bulldogs promptly yell "Dawgs!" followed by "Sic 'em!". There is a small pause between "Dawgs" and "Sic 'em!" while everyone draws the breath they've be missing while yelling "Go". Lastly, Bulldogs yell "Woof woof woof!" which roughly begins about the time the kick returner catches the ball, although these times are not intentionally synchronized.
A brief example:
    Players take the field-------------------------------->kick is made---------->kick is caught and returned

I hope this list serves as a quick reference for proper fan etiquette. This will make you a better person. I am distraught over the lack of University of Georgia and Bulldog content on e2 but that's going to change. Unfortunately, no matter how much you read, you cannot know the true passion of Georgia football unless you attend a game. If you ever have the chance, go without hesitation.

P.S. For all Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, or Vanderbilt readers who had a difficult time reading this, /msg me and I'll send you a copy of this writeup that uses smaller words and simple sentences.
P.P.S. For all Florida readers who had a difficult time reading this, please /msg me and I'll send you a PDF of this writeup that uses smaller words and simple sentences, written in crayon.