Track 1: Total Annihilation, track 6

So, I've been on E2 now for a month and a half or so, I've written several writeups, had a few eaten, and even went to a recent E2 gathering. I've met a few people, said hi, and now have written (will have written once I finish) a daylog.

Track 2: Kronos Quartet, Meltdown

I've noded Kahn during my time here. I'm happy about that. Kahn is doomed to fade into obscurity; it's good to tell more people about it.

This site is a wonderful thing, and I've never seen anything both like it and as cohesive as it. It's really rather amazing. And #everything has earned a place next to #kahn; you'll be seeing plenty of me, if you wish.

Track 3: Chrono Cross, The Dream That Time Dreams

It's amazing: I knew qousqous before I came here. I knew him way back in the 3rd or 4th grade; he's two years my senior. It wasn't until I read his homenode that I realised I knew him. Go figure.

My first E2 gathering, with its node's obsessively long name, was fun, though I was unable to stay the night. jasonm gave me a ride to the MAX station nearest, and a surreal midnight run through Portland's mass transit system ensued. That's always fun; seriously, riding the light rail and the bus at night is always a trip, Portland being a fairly safe town.

Track 4: Nine Inch Nails, Just Like You Imagined

So, here I am on Everything2. Lesbians! Monkeys! Soy! man's desire to blow shit up, and to have a nice attache case. This site is, if nothing else, a repository of almost all knowledge that can be found online, which is almost, but not quite, everything known to man. I think I've got the hang of things.

Now watch me make an ass of myself.

end track