*Fast Foward* *Rewind* *Not it* *Fast Foward* *There*

Am i the only girl on earth that thinks male orgasms are extremely beautiful? i hear my friends talk about how stupid guys look when they let loose their juices. i just can not understand how anybody can not appreciate it. The way a guy's shoulders tense up, the low grunts, the sweat that seems to be more prevalent near the time of ejaculation. The male orgasm is a beautiful thing.

Back to my video. It's an amateur porno, i think amateur porn seems more real. This guy isn't the worlds most attractive, but when he shoots you can tell that he really enjoys it. His whole body stiffens, his hands tremble a bit, he lets go. He has the perfect male orgasm. I watch this one bit of footage at least once a week, more if I feel like pleasuring my self a little more often.