During the heyday of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo and Bandai teamed up to release the Satellaview. Only released in Japan, the Satellaview was an add-on component for the Super Famicom, which connected it to a small online network. The idea was you could download new levels, characters, and moves for your games.

The flagship title for the Satellaview was to be BS The Legend of Zelda. Essentially a 16-bit remake of the original The Legend of Zelda, for one hour a day you could download a new dungeon. There were some major differences, though, in the BS version of Zelda and the original. First, you don't control Link in BS. You control the Satellaview mascot, a kid in a baseball cap. But perhaps the biggest problem with this game were the download times required to get new levels. It took approximately ten minutes to download a new level. The inefficiency of the machine, coupled with its high cost, led Nintendo to stop production. As a result, the game remained incomplete, as Nintendo stopped posting new levels.

Despite the glaring flaws associated with the system, BS Zelda was a fun slice of something different. While by no means a perfect game, the dungeons from the original Zelda were the pinnacle of early level design, and still worth playing to this day. It is possible, though extremely difficult, to find a ROM of BS Zelda online. Although the game remains incomplete, it is still worth giving a try, if only to be a Zelda completist.