Again I am not sure of the point of this. Yes huge amounts of gold were plundered. And? Even the great, great, great grandchildren of those that did the killing and plundering over 400 years ago are dead.

I am of the opinion that debts over a century and a half old are well and fully dead.* How can any person have a claim over another based upon the fact that their ancestors originate in Europe? And what of those of mixed blood? (Like myself) Do they owe themselves a debt of gold and silver?

And what is this obsession mankind still has with these metals anyway? They are not used as money any longer.

If Europeans owe anything to the descendants of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas it is the same that is owed to any human being by another. It is based upon the fact that humans should help one another and not upon what our ancestors did to each other all those centuries ago.

*After all. If we start talking about whose ancestors killed and robbed from whose, pretty much everyone owes everyone. I am willing to bet that every piece of land on earth was stolen at some point.