The sixth (obviously) in the still continuing Star Trek movie franchise and the last of the original series movies. After the horror of Star Trek V there was some question of if they would try making another movie with the original actors. After the disappointment I didn’t want to see this one, and it was not until a friend rented it that I finally did.

I personally enjoyed this one a lot. It is one of the better Trek movies. The good points include plenty of fights. Humor to lighten the mood and an actual plot! Themes explored include the subtext of racism present in the original series and other movies where the Klingons are brutish bad guys. Also there is quite a bit of intrigue around a proposal of peace between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. In addition the score was pretty good, not Mozart, but good.

There are a few bad points... I’m sure. But I cannot think of any right now. Even Shatner’s acting was at least decent. Though this is not the kind of movie that you could just jump into without knowing anything about Star Trek unlike Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

The next movie was a bit of a disappointment though.