This (superb) publication came out bimonthly from AD 1993 May until AD 1998 March/April by Steve Jackson Games. One of the main forces behind its creation was the noted author and editor Derek Pearcy, who was listed as the “architect” in the credits right up through issue #9 and served as editor for the first two issues.

The reason it finally migrated to the web was because in print form it was loosing money. While it has not reached the same levels of circulation it did while in print it has started to turn a small profit and so the 3000+ subscribers look forward to many years of useful roleplaying information and articles.

On the newsgroups that come with subscription to the magazine a culture has grown that allows discussion of some rather esoteric subjects in the two years since it ceased paper publication. Among other things the fact that some leaders of the roleplaying community will correspond with the fans on a very friendly and informal basis. Of note in this category (in early AD 2001) are Kenneth Hite, John M. Ford, David Pulver, John Kovalic, and Doc Cross. (John Wick also published a column called Playing Dirty in the magazine.)

The subscribers who read and post to the newsgroups have become known collectively as Pyramidians and even have their own peculiar traditions, like substituting the word Newark for Hell and various online writing games in the .sjgames.fnord group.

Notable Features:

  • Pyramid Picks- Reviews of what is good in roleplaying
  • Suppressed Transmission- High weirdness from Kenneth Hite
  • Dork Tower- The comic by John Kovalic
  • Murphy’s Rules- Poking fun at ourselves with the silly rules sometimes found in games
  • Random Thought Table- The name of the current Editor’s Column
  • Gaming News

More information can be found at:
The Guide to the Pyramidians
The Offical Site