John Kovalic \`jon `co·val·ick\ proper noun 1: (AD 1962 - ) The incomparable creator of Dork Tower. What is that well it's rather like Knights of the Dinner Table. And it isn't like it at the same time, oh wait... That makes him comparable. Well like the afor mentioned comic it focuses on fandom. It started off as a strip just about gaming but has evolved into something more generally about geek culture.

How did this come to be? Well his fate was sealed as a geek soon after his birth in Manchester England. Growing up he was a fan of things like Thunderbirds and Dr. Who. John created his alter ego and main character Carson the Muskrat when he was teenager in London and started a comic strip called Wild Life. This comic work continued through his university career and cartooning soon became a vocation for the young artist.

He started several different comics to support himself in addition to doing political cartooning. After ten years of publishing he started Dork Tower in the ill-fated gaming magazine Shadis AD 1996. After that folded it moved over too Pyramid Magazine and soon afterwards he published the first comic book with Corsair Press.

Currently he does a full run of Dork Tower and runs his own publishing company Dork Storm Press, publishing Player vs. Player (PvP Online and Nodwick ( His own website can be found at