Ghost Dog : Way Of the Samurai seems to be an American made Japanese movie. I liked it, though the pacing will definitely not be to everyone's taste. There were somewhat long stretches with no action or dialogue, much like Japanese movies I have seen in the past.

The movie was also somewhat surreal. Not quite to the level of The Mystery of Rampo, for example, but definitely odd actions by western standards.

Also there were some truly cool death scenes. I won't give any of them away, but suffice to say that a roleplayer will find lots of neat ideas in the movie for killing people off. The title character may also be another example of a Truly Badass character.

So, I liked it, but it will not be for everyone. Go if you like foreign movies and or Japanese culture. Don't go if you cannot stand rap and or slow spots in movies. Also has a lot of death, some of it 'pointless' so do not see this film if that bothers you.

Director/Writter: Jim Jarmusch
Title Character: Forest Whitaker

Also Appearing:
John Tormey
Victor Argo
Tricia Vessey
Cliff Gorman