Cormega is a somewhat underground emcee from Queensbridge that has been about for quite some time with little to no recognition. His first noticable foray into national spotlight was on Nas' LP Illmatic. the song One Love, was a letter from Nas to his friend Cormega whom he had met doing time in Rikers for murder in '90. Sadly, Nas brought Nature in to replace Cormega as his sidekick. Cormega was enraged and released a track, Fuck Nas and Nature feat Pretty Boy. This conflict has been settled to a degree, but there is still some tension between the two. As for Cormega on the mic, he's always been known for his incredible freestyles, but more than that, his drug kingpin-type rhyming. Whether it be smuggling keys or "leavin' Pauly to rest in his house/lyin' on his couch, wit' his dick in his mouth", his lyrics are always executed with that special touch that can only be given from the man with the Montana Way. One of his more prominent trcks available on the Angel Dust 12-inch or download through your favprite mp3 sharing network, is Killaz Theme II featuring Mobb Deep. His new LP, The Realness, will be released July 24, 2001.