EJ the magic man with thin lens, red-tint glasses has visited my place at least a couple of times, but possibly more than I'm aware of. The first time he visited my place was when I had gathered up my buffalo heads and hung them from 3 young (20 foot) white oak trees at the entrance to my yard. They had been hanging in trees along the lake public access road adjacent to my land, but my probation officer Lyn told me if I didn't take them down I would get a ticket for public nuisance, even though they were on my land, because they were visible from a public road. That was probably for the best, anyways, because my friend Amanda said she almost peed her pants the first time she noticed one hanging in a tree. They are un-skun, but a bit gruesome because the blood that dripped from their noses has hardened into maroon stalactites.

So after I took my half an aluminum extension ladder out and got them down from their respective trees (no easy task), I hung them in 3 young oaks at my yard entrance. I'm a bit strange, to say the least, so I punched a hole through the nose cartilage of the largest head (the one aimed at where a car would drive up) and hung a sign saying Lee-Ho Fook's from it with 12 gauge copper electrician's wire. Lee-Ho Fook's is the Chinese restaurant the werewolf of London is looking for in the Warren Zevon song Werewolves of London. Then I drove around the corner to my neighbor's place, the native woman with "devil" tattooed on her hand, and tossed an empty can of beef chow-mein in her driveway.

An unremembered amount of time later I was sitting on my couch with my back to my front door listening to music, when on my porch I heard a claketa-clacketa-clacketa sound that if I had to guess I would say were bones strung together loosely being shook. Without turning around I raised my arm towards the door and gave the index and pinky finger up hand sign people use to say "rock on" at concerts. About thirty seconds later I heard the unmistakable sound of jingle-bells traveling east to west along my driveway. The next morning I found large canine droppings in my driveway.This could also have been one of the Raab, but I think it was EJ.

The next time EJ came to visit I was sitting on my couch late at night again listening to music. I have a knack for seeing things on the mystical side of reality even when stone-cold sober. Completely un-pre-announced the Devanagari r started spinning on the roof of my trailer, and continued to do so for 7 or 8 seconds. I know it was the Devanagari r because I have it tattooed in the colors of money; green, black and red on the palm of my right hand. I have also heard it called the Thane Q.