Verb: Usage, "Me red blooded American he-man. Me like tittyfuck pretty girls."

An activity in which a man to sticks his penis on his partner's chest, between said partner's breasts, while said partner squeezes her breasts together. The tubular space thus created between the breasts is lubricated by sweat and/or precum, and becomes a vagina-like canal in which the penis can move in its typical back and forth motion, eventually ejaculating on the chest and/or face of the woman involved. This form of sex has the advantage of allowing the male to watch his penis as he is fucking, and has the disadvatage of not directly stimulating the female genitalia at all, though if the top partner is flexible he can still lean backwards to do so with his hands.

From a bird's eye view (if you have birds in your bedroom) the whole affair looks something like this (if breasts and genitalia were bad ASCII art)1...
( . )| |( . ) 
     | |
Where the two ( . ) are breasts, and the shaft of the penis between them is laid flat against the body of the lower partner, with its head pointed towards her neck. Incidentally, I use the terms "man" and "woman" very loosely. By "man" I mean a person possesing a penis or dildo, and by "woman" I mean a person possesing real or fake breasts.

Other grammatical forms: Tittyfucker, tittyfucking, tittyfucked, etc.

1Any ASCII expert noders with suggestions for me on how to make my useless diagram more anatomically correct? The current edition has been accused of looking like 1. a mandrill 2. a cross and 3. a fisher price toy run over by a truck.