This show supports my bitter theory: the greater the challenge, the smaller the reward. This is so because if you do something relatively mundane, something a lot if not most people can do, you receive popular acclaim and often financial reward from the general mob. They cheer you on because they are cheering themselves; what you are doing is really great only because they can do it too. Hence, "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?". A contestant wins a million dollars for knowing the answers to pop culture based questions, the answers to which have been thrust into his/her brain relentlessly due to advertising. This is as opposed to Win Ben Stein's Money, a show on which a contestant does his/her best to answer almost impossible hard questions for a mamimum reward of $6000 (usually less). The questions mostly concern "real" knowledge. (I'm sorry, but "Who is Gwyn Paltrow's current beau?" is not a test of real knowledge.) This show is exemplary, but unfortunately unique.