I dreamed I was somewhere in front of a schoolbus that had arrived, full of previous Yad B'Yaders. One of the people there was I.H., this guy I hated, and who hated me, when we were on Yad B'Yad together last summer. I resolved to give him a blow job. He had become all vulnerable at last. I asked him, why should I give him a blow job, and he couldn't produce a reason. Then he said some really dumb reason, and I said, "that's a stupid reason", and started to kiss him passionately and to unzip his pants. I asked, "will I get sick from this? how many girls have you fucked?". He held up 8 fingers, seemingly frantic that I might change my mind. Then I asked, hovering with my mouth right over his penis, if he'd reciprocate and go down on me. Right then I was called away, by my mother, to the synogogue she was in. My father was there and he surmised what I had been up to. He had all the Yad B'Yaders sent away. I asked somebody where they were and he said that they left already, like on a school trip on their bus. Then I was at my mother's house, crying because she had sabatauged my sexual encounter. She made me clean my room. She was berserckly screaming.

I had a girlfriend, or at least a girl who I thought was my girlfriend until I realized that we weren't making out or anything. I wondered if maybe we were only friends. We were in her parents' house, a huge house in Deal, New Jersey. And the parents' bedroom had 2 separate beds in it, both of them very high off the ground. It was very dark, nighttime. Her parents were in the first bed, and the girl was in the second. I crawled up into it to be next to her. Her parents didn't want us together. Her mother was insane and obsessed with home decorating. So, I was cuddling with the girl under the covers. She was only wearing underwear and a bra, and I asked her why she didn't sleep in her own room. She said that some mothers need to have certain pillows- i.e. she had to sleep on the fancy pillows, which were in her parents' room. She said this loudly, and her mother woke up and started screaming hysterically, and her father had to comfort her (the mother). I kept moving over to cuddle with my girlfriend, and she kept moving away from me. That's when it occured to me that maybe she wasn't my girlfriend at all. Then we climbed down from her bed and walked around her house. We were in her basement, which was huge. There was a computer there, and a few other people. She had to write a paper for a class she was taking, taught by Miss W., my phys ed. teacher. And she wanted me to help her with it. I told her that I didn't feel like combing through a book for quotes, but then R.B. said that there were no applicable quotes. There was a display on the computer screen saying who was allowed to help the student write each of the three papers that Miss W. had assigned. On the first paper, no one was allowed to help. On the second and third, the student's groom and maitre d' (i.e. at her wedding) were allwoed to help. I figured I might as well be my girlfriend's groom.

I was on a school trip. A bunch of school buses were stopping somewhere, like for lunch. Our school buses stopped there, and then some MTA (Manhatten Talmudic Academy) school buses did. I and someone else were talking to some MTA guys about writing papers. I said that our papers have to be a minimum of two pages long, so when I've written one page, I count myself as half done. And then if I write one page a day, I can write a paper in two days. The guys were amazed that we only had to write so little. Then Mrs. Spirn (my school principal) squeakily said that we were leaving (because MTA was there), and we got up to board the buses.