In real life, I fell asleep to the album Ladies of the Canyon, by Joni Mitchell. I had never heard it before, and it was pretty good.

Then, in my dream, I was at a Joni Mitchell concert. It was in a circus tent. I was there with a bunch of juniors from my school (I'm a senior), and I was wearing rollerblades. Joni Mitchell was great, but the words to her songs were sort of unintelligible, and I wanted to be able to see her lips moving and make them out. So I rollerbladed up to the stage and climbed on, and sat on a stool in a corner watching and listening to Joni. One of the juniors, who I went to elementary school with, went up to the stage too, but she lost interest and went back to the others. Like I said, the concert was in a circus tent, and the backup singer was some sort of clown. There was also a little girl with blond hair wearing a jumpsuit...maybe she was juggling?

Joni noticed me sitting there and she brought me a trampoline- I would get to be a part of the act. So I was jumping on it, in my rollerblades. And the little girl thought this was a fun idea. She jumped into my arms, but the impact threw me forward (strange, because it should have thrown me backward).

The music stopped. Joni gasped. I flew off of the trampoline, with the girl still in my arms. But I landed on my feet. I rolled upstage, but I was able to bring myself to a stop by crouching and making a wedge with my feet.

The End.