Also the name of the second album from the garage rock duo The White Stripes. The album is really diverse, but it successfully pulls off a number of Stijls with intense originality, i.e. ballads, frenetic pop, thudding rock, and, most rewardlingly, old school blues. And the lyrical moods, often drawing on Jack White's plaintive, expressive vocals in their delivery, veer between smartass acidity, highway reverie, and "Why can't things be easy like when I was a kid?" sincerity. Instrumentation is mostly limited to Jack's rich guitar and Meg White's spare drums- I still maintained that she just never learned how to play- with the occassional song carried by piano or violin. (Trust me, I usually hate violins in pop music, but these really work.) The album also encorporates spoken samples in between a number of songs- a little boy's friends in a box, his parents, 50's televison, and other creepy juxtaposition.

Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry
Year: 2000
Produced by: Jack White

  1. You're Pretty Good Looking
  2. Hello Operator
  3. Little Bird
  4. Apple Blossom
  5. I'm Bound to Pack it Up
  6. Death Letter
  7. Sister, Do You Know My Name?
  8. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
  9. A Boy's Best Friend
  10. Let's Build a Home
  11. Jumble, Jumble
  12. Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?
  13. Your Southern Can is Mine