So far (i.e. until Bess wizens up further) you can circumvent her and get here much more easily. Go to Google (this may work on other search engines as well), search for "everything", click on the result. Voila, you're here, you can cut class and node again (I am).

UPDATE: I tried this trick again and..."Bess can't go there". But this time I successfully accessed everything by clicking on the link in the daily update email you can subscribe to (it's there in your preferences). She's foiled again, but next time, we'll see.

UPDATE 2: Nope, the link-clicking doesn't work consistently anymore. Only sometimes, but I haven't detected a pattern. I actually emailed the Bess review board about everything, a few days ago when I needed to access it during school to do some research, and this is the reason they gave for blocking it-
This site offers access to on-line chatting. We have categorized this site as CHAT. Many chat sites do not adequately screen out vulgar or offensive language. Due to this risk, your server has been configured to filter out these sites.

We do appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you find any other sites you think may be incorrectly rated by Bess. Thanks.

- The N2H2 Website Review Team,
You caught that email address right? Good. Do with it what you may.