Of course, all of these analyses are tinged with the latent monotheism that pervades the Western philosophical paradigm. There are, in fact, many consensus realities, and humans slip and shift between them without much effort or thought. Examples include business, family, science, faerie, sex, religion, media, cyberspace, and politics. A hypothetical non-human observer would be hard-pressed to determine in which reality a human was at any given moment based on external evidence, but it's almost immediately clear to us.

The modernist or materialist paradigm is that anything intangible does not exist, and, therefore, there is but one reality: the physical universe. Such people attempt to maintain this philosophical position despite the fact that the meaning of any word like "intangible" is ultimately itself intangible. These paradigms reached their peak in the 1980's, but having been under assault even in the physical sciences for nearly a century they have begun to wane.